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Holistic Wellness with 30 Yoga Guru in 30 Days

Holistic Wellness with 30 Yoga Guru in 30 Days

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What You’ll Learn?
  • Meditative Practices
  • Nutritional Plans For Weight Management
  • Patanjali Yogsutra
  • Core Strengthening Excercices
Holistic Wellness with 30 Yoga Guru in 30 Days
This course includes:
  • 30 Hours Of Video
  • Nutitional Guidannce
  • Certificate of completion
  • Lifetime Validity
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  • Weight Loss & Obesity Management

  • Improves Postures

  • Better Sleep Quality

  • Promotes Mindful Eating

About Course

Join the "30 Days, 30 Yoga Gurus" Program - the world's premier holistic wellness program. Learn from 30 authentic Indian yoga gurus covering breath physiology, yoga philosophy, meditation, and more. Achieve 10 goals of well-being in just 30 minutes for 30 days. Join now for a transformative experience like no other.

Program Highlights:

Learning from 30 different yoga gurus has numerous benefits for holistic wellness. Here are ten of them:

You gain various perspectives, techniques, and philosophies, enriching your understanding of yoga's holistic nature.

Each guru contributes unique expertise, helping you develop a skill set covering diverse yoga styles, meditation techniques, and mindfulness practices.

Exposure to different teaching styles enhances adaptability, making it easier to adjust your practice to evolving needs.

A wider range of teachings allows tailoring your yoga practice for individual body types, preferences, and goals.

Different teachers emphasize varying aspects of yoga philosophy and psychology, leading to deeper insights into the mind-body connection.

Rotating through multiple teachers prevents practice plateaus and encourages continuous evolution.

Learning from diverse sources nurtures holistic growth, integrating physical, mental, and spiritual aspects for a well-rounded sense of wellness.

Learning from diverse teachers fosters an appreciation for different cultural perspectives behind yoga.

Each guru may specialize in a specific area, allowing you to learn from masters in those fields.

Exploring multiple teachings encourages independent thinking and prevents the adoption of a single teacher's views as dogma.

Yoga For Core Strengthening by Dr. Soundarya 26:00

Yoga For Back Pain By Dr. Kritika 21:55

Yoga For Everyday Fitness by Shivam Bharadwaj 51:35

Advanced Yoga by Krishan Kumar 30:00

Advance Yoga by Divya Agarwal 36:54

Yoga for Weight Management by Dr. Jay Settiselon 46:08

Power Yoga for Weight Loss By Shivam Bharadwaj 01:01:00

Power Yoga for Weight Loss By Shivam Bharadwaj 01:00:00

Power Yoga for Weight Loss By Shivam Bharadwaj 01:00:00

Power Yoga for Weight Loss By Shivam Bharadwaj 01:00:00

Power Yoga for Weight Loss By Shivam Bharadwaj 01:00:00

Yoga For (Stress Management by Dr. Abhijeet Ghosh 26:00

Yoga for Happiness and Mindfulness by Hasyayogi Jiten Kohi 46:15

Yoga For Mental Health by Shivam Bharadwaj 40:22

Dr Deepeshwar Singh Introduction 01:40

Yoga for Mindfulness By Dipeshwar Singh 42:59

Yoga for Heart Disease Blood Pressure and Oxygen by Dr. Bhaskar Hindustani 01:02:00

Yoga for Strengthen Your Muscle by Dr. Vikram Singh 33:18

Yoga for Hypertension by Dr. Ghanshyam Thakur 37:47

Yoga for a healthy spine by Dilrajpreet Kaur 34:00

Yoga For Postures correction by Tripti Yarde 45:25

Yoga for Lower Body Toning and Flexibility by Sushma Gupta 34:40

Yoga For Digestive System by Bhaskar Hindustani 47:10

Yog For Reproductive Organs by Dr. Satya Narain Yadav 40:00

Yoga for glowing skin By Karuna Ahuja 55:18

Yoga Teacher Vijay Ganesh Introduction 02:00

Yoga for Thyroid by Dr. Vijay Ganesh 39:00

Yoga for Uric Acid Extraction by Dr. Vinod Nautiyal 39:33

Yoga For Diabetes By Dr. Kiran Verma 32:10

Introduction of Yoga by Dr. Ishwar Bhardwaj 30:00

Yoga for Sinusitis by Acharya Deepchand Kaushik 48:09

Yoga For Respiratory System by Dr. Dharambir Yadav 47:36

Yoga for Arthritis by Shishir Pokhriyal 44:10

Yoga for Knee Pain Management by Dr Ramesh Kumar 35:00

Yoga for Cervical Spondylitis by Karuna Ahuja 25:58

Yoga for Pain Management By Dr. Sanjay Kumar 01:00:15

Yoga for Neck Pain By Karuna Ahuja 00:00

Yoga for Varicose Vain and Strength by Manju Goel 47:51

Yoga For Stress Management by Dr. Bhaskar Hindustani 01:02:12

Yoga for Stress Management Through Pranayama By Dr. Karuna Nagrajan 31:00

Yoga for Stress Management Wisdom by Dr Kamakhaya Kumar 32:00

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  • 24000+

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    Years of experience

  • 93%

    Retention Rate

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Q1. What is the objective of this program?

It is a 30-day yoga program that focuses on enhancing flexibility, fitness, and overall well-being.

Q2. What is "30 Days, 30 Yoga Gurus" program?

"30 Days, 30 Yoga Gurus" program is a comprehensive holistic wellness program that brings together 30 yoga teachers in an exclusive transformative experience

Q3. Is this program suitable for beginners?

Yes, the program is suitable for beginners as well as those who want to strengthen their foundational practice.

Q4. What does the program include?

The program includes various topics such as the Physiology of Breath, Yoga Philosophy, and meditation, including a nutrition plan.