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20-Yoga Therapies for Lifestyle Diseases

20-Yoga Therapies for Lifestyle Diseases

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What You’ll Learn?
  • Relaxation And Meditation Techniques
  • Pain management strategies
  • Modern Day Challenges
  • Chakra Balancing Teachings
20-Yoga Therapies for Lifestyle Diseases
This course includes:
  • 20 Hours On-Demand Video
  • Wellness Sessions
  • 1-year Enrollment
  • Timely Assignments
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  • Boost Energy Levels

  • Promote Better Sleep

  • Balance Hormones

  • Improve Digestion

About Course

Unlock the amazing benefits of Yoga Therapies to take control of your health! Our special program breaks down ancient yoga wisdom into easy steps to handle modern health problems. Led by experienced instructors, we'll show you how yoga can help with 20 common lifestyle diseases. You'll gain practical tools and knowledge to improve your well-being. Join us on a journey to understand and overcome health challenges through the power of yoga!

Program Highlights:

Learn how yoga can help regulate blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Learn how yoga can support cardiovascular health and prevent heart disease.

Discover yoga's role in improving insulin sensitivity and managing diabetes.

Explore yoga techniques for weight management and overall well-being.

Find relaxation and mental clarity through yoga to combat these common modern-day challenges.

Explore the emotional and psychological benefits of yoga in dealing with depression.

Yoga for Tight Hip and hamstring Management

Discover gentle yoga practices to alleviate joint pain and improve mobility.

Strengthen bones and reduce the risk of fractures with specialized yoga exercises for the spinal and Lower back

Explore breathing techniques and postures that can alleviate symptoms and improve lung function.

Understand how yoga can boost energy levels and manage your Nervous System.

Improve digestion and alleviate discomfort through yoga poses and mindfulness.

Learn relaxation and meditation techniques to promote better sleep.

Discover yoga practices to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines.

Find relief from persistent pain through yoga-based pain management strategies.

Understand how yoga can help calm the digestive system.

Improve the movements of Joints and learn yogic practice for Joint movements.

Alleviate discomfort associated with posture.

Yoga for Throat.

Achilles tendinitis most commonly occurs in runners who have suddenly increased the intensity or duration of their runs. Learn Yoga.

Balance hormones naturally with yoga practices designed for hormonal harmony with Chakra balancing

Explainer and Practice Part 1 17:26

Explainer and Practice Part 2 16:00

Explainer and Practice Part 3 22:00

Session 01:00:00

Yoga For Diabetes 01:00:00

Daily Pranayama for Diabetes 00:00

Diabetes Explainer 25:00

Yoga For Depression & Energy Boost 01:00:00

Yoga For Depression with sonia khanna 45:00

Yoga For Hip Joint (Hip Mobility) 58:27

Yoga For Core Strengthening and abs 58:00

Yoga For Tight Hamstring 01:00:00

Yoga For Better Nervous System 01:00:00

Yoga For Hypertension 01:00:00

Yoga for High blood pressure Part-1 25:00

Yoga for High blood pressure Part-2 20:00

Yoga For Herniated Disk 01:00:00

Yoga for Backbend 01:00:00

back pain 27:00

Beginners 01:00:00

Yoga for IBS 50:00

Yoga for Joint Movements 01:00:00

Yoga for PCOS-1 20:00

Yoga for PCOD-2 20:00

Dr Satya Narain Yadav Yoga for Reproductive Organ 40:00

Yoga for PCOD by Acharya Deepchand Kausik 45:00

Obesity Part -1 20:00

Obesity Part -2 15:00

Obesity Part-3 12:00

Respiratory System by Monika Bansal 45:00

Practice 01:00:00

Immunity- Part 1 19:00

Immunity Part -2 14:00

Immunity Part-3 19:00

Balancing Chakra 01:00:00

Yoga For Acidity And Gastritis Part – 1 25:00

Yoga For Acidity And Gastritis Part 2 22:00

Yoga For Throat 01:00:00

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  • 24000+

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Q1. Can yoga balance hormones naturally and support hormonal harmony?

Yes, yoga, particularly practices involving chakra balancing, can help regulate hormonal imbalances by promoting overall well-being

Q2.How does yoga assist with asthma?

Yoga emphasizes deep, controlled breathing techniques that can enhance lung function and provide relief for individuals with asthma .

Q3. I'm looking to lose weight. How can yoga help with obesity?

Yoga goes beyond physical exercise; it fosters a holistic approach to well-being, including mindfulness and healthy habits that support weight management.

Q4.How does yoga strengthen the spine and lower back?

Yoga poses that focus on core strength, flexibility, and proper alignment contribute to strengthening the spine and lower back muscles.