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Daily Yoga For Everyone

Daily Yoga For Everyone

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What You’ll Learn?
  • Concepts of Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga Poses
  • Sukhama Vayama
  • Sequence-based Daily Practice
Daily Yoga For Everyone
This course includes:
  • Every Month New Yoga Videos
  • Beginners Friendly Complete practice
  • Anywhere Anytime Access
  • Lifetime Wellness Community Access
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About Course

Daily Yoga for Everyone" is an excellent program designed for your optimal health.It comes to you from Yogpath, the most reputed platform for yoga in India whose mission is to take yoga to every household worldwide at affordable charges.

The program offers a curated daily practice . By subscribing to the program, you will be able to grasp the core concepts of yoga and start practicing exercises that help improve flexibility and fitness, which are essential in today's world. The program is ideally suited for beginners and is also used by senior citizens, women, students, and yoga enthusiasts.

Gain the enormous benefits of yogic practice with this innovative program and revitalize your mind-body-soul connection. Join the basic program and later you will be invited to join our exclusive wellness community.

Program Highlights:

Learn about yoga and its benefits for physical and mental health. Get introduced to basic yoga postures, alignment principles, and breath control.

Enhance your flexibility, strength, and balance with daily 1-hour yoga sessions including varied sequences of asanas and pranayama.

Take Your Yoga Practice to the Next Level with Advanced Asanas, Pranayama, and Goal-Setting

  • Flexibility

  • Fitness

  • Positive Thinking

  • Improved Immunity

  • Better Sleep Quality

  • Common Pain Relief

  • Managed Blood Circulation

  • Improved Lung Capacity

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Q1. Why is this Yoga program so cheap, at just Rs 99 per month?

Since our mission is to take Yoga to every house worldwide, the charges have been kept affordable

Q2. What will I learn from this Yoga Program for Beginners?

You will learn different asanas which will make your life better.

Q3.Do we get a new video every day, or are the sessions repeated?

It may be new, it may be repeated

Q4. What kinds of benefits will I get from this course?

It is going to benefit you in every way provided you do it regularly for month.

Q5. Does the subscription auto-renew, or do we need to manually renew it?

At first auto-renew will be attempted, if it fails then it may be done manually.

Q6. Is there a refund policy for the program?

It is non-refundable.

Q7. What will I learn from this Yoga Program for Beginners?

You will learn different asanas which will make your life better.